1. Unpack the wireless extender properly so that its accessories aren’t getting damaged.
  2. Connect it to an influence socket and let the device boot up.
  3. Please turn on your computer and connect it to a WiFi network.
  4. Use an internet browser to access mywifiext.local webpage.
  5. You’ll also enter the default IP address for login.
  6. Fill in the user details.
  7. Select the wireless network to increase and click on continue.
  8. Enter security settings for your device.
  1. mywifiext.local isn’t a daily website; however, it’s an area Internet address wont to customize a WiFi Extender’s parameters (Genie or Setup Assistant).
  2. If HTTP//mywifiext.local isn’t running, confirm that the system is physically connected to the WiFi extender via Ethernet or WiFi.
  3. On different web browsers, you’ll find other sorts of error messages, which have an equivalent sense that you can’t reach mywifiext.local.
  4. So, whether you’re ready to reach other websites or not, you want to verify the web connection.
  5. If you’re, then the web works correctly, then you’re facing another kind of challenge.
  6. Be sure you’ve got entered the online address correctly since spelling errors also can cause specific problems.
  7. If it’s all one, but you can’t reach mywifiext.local web address, then for a quick and accurate solution, you would like to contact experts.



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We provide very simple way or instruction to manage and install the extender